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2018 Single Releases

DYB – Do You Believe
Available on Itunes and Spotify







With or Without You – U2 Cover

Hope Created

12 tracks released in 2015 featuring Drowing, Complicated, Time Heals All and more.

Slant – Self Titled

1. Release
2. Lying and Bleeding
3. All I’m Good For
4. Strike the Match
5. Price to Pay
6. Distaste
7. Better Without You
8. No Regrets
9. Through It All
10. Boiling Pot
11. Wither Away
12. Through My Own Steps
13. Heroes
14. Another Day
15. Beautiful Angel (feat. Shawn Ahmed)
16. One Step At A Time

A Thin Line

1. intro
2. broken wings
3. slip away
4. ambition
5. trust
6. close to you
7. surrender
8. happy
9. mickie mouse blanket
10. insight
11. stuck
12. 23 seconds
13. seldom bled
14. hollow



Slant: to take a diagonal course, direction, or path.


Just like its definition, Slant is nothing ordinary. All members come from various cultural backgrounds and life experiences that influence their unique form of rock. Each member merges their personal life experiences along with diverse cultural backgrounds and ties musical inspiration from artist such as Tool, Deftones, Avenged Sevenfold, and Nirvana to create the unique sound that is Slant. With Fahim Zaman on vocals and lead guitar, Munir Haque on rhythm guitar, Josh Chastain on bass, and Jimmy Lee on drums, Slant has been bringing forth pure, positive music since they have formed. Call Slant hard rock, power rock, progressive-metal, or alternative Slant is giving us all a taste of their perspectives on the world through “music.” Slant recorded their debut album “A Thin Line,” (signed to & released by Gotham Records) in 2005, after parting ways with the label Slant joined with PCM Live Entertainment Management and since then they have independently released multiple albums and singles which landed  licenses and airplay (see below).


The music Slant writes conveys thoughts & emotions that everyone can relate to, no matter where they are or what age they may be. Slant is dedicated to bringing creative and insightful music to their fans; this drive has landed them recognition worldwide and a few hundred of shows performed to date. They have traveled internationally on behalf of The Armed Forces Entertainment and independently throughout the USA bringing their art to listeners. Slant have toured along the U.S. West Coast and have been the opener for headlining acts such as: Alien Ant Farm, Taproot, Puddle of Mudd, Eyes Set to Kill, Buckcherry, Hed PE (Budweiser Music Fest / other shows), P.O.D (Sunset Strip Music Festival), Hoobastank, 10 Years, Adema, Powerman 5000, Cold and more.


Their music has been featured in the PS3 and Xbox game “Supremacy MMA”, along with licenses in various television & entertainment resources (i.e. G4 episode of ICONS, Lionsgate Film “Beatdown”). Additionally, Slant has been sponsored by Aurora Premier Colored Guitar Strings and 51 Fifty Energy Drink.


Slant’s music has hit numerous college & commercial radio station playlists in multiple states
including The World Famous KROQ 106.7 Los Angeles. Following their third Europe tour for the Armed Forces in mid- Slant released the full length album“Hope Created”.  Since then Slant has recorded new music with Dave Moreno (Puddle of Mudd) and Sameer Battachrya (Flyleaf) that has been released late 2017. The new music includes a modern rock /alternative cover of U2’s “With or Without You” along with an original track titled “Dissonance”.


Throughout 2018 Slant has been working with photographer/videographer/journalist Parvez S Imagery on a new music video slated to be released later this year. Parvez is an artist known for his visual imagery and storytelling. Parvez loved the latest Slant tracks and requested to work with Slant on a music video for their cover of “With or Without You” including the new original music being released summer  2018.


The band is always giving the world a fresh perspective on how life is still good no matter how hard it can get, how hard it will get and that all obstacles can be overcome. As always Slant’s releases are full of tracks you can rock the **** out to.


All albums Available on I-tunes, Amazon, Napster, CD-baby, Spotify & other outlets.